The Amazing Race Design Challenge VII
Season run

February 15, 2015

– May 3, 2015

Winning player
No. of rounds

The Amazing Race Design Challenge VII is the seventh installment of the reality television show based fantasy game The Amazing Race Design Challenge. This season is hosted at Reality Fan Forum by ovalorange, gamerfan09, and Kamineko.


The following players participated in the game, each listed along with their placements in each round. Placements are listed in result position order:

Player Country Position (by round)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Flag of Australia racer Australia
Flag of Australia Air Australia
Flag of Thailand Keepcopz Thailand
Flag of the United States Paldog United States
Flag of Spain Hysha Spain
Flag of Philippines WinTar Philippines
Flag of Indonesia Rafael02 Indonesia
Flag of Ireland SteKay Ireland
Flag of Switzerland Reilly Queens Switzerland
Flag of Canada Tennis33 Canada
Flag of Brazil Declive Brazil
Flag of Mexico Xarles Mexico
Flag of Indonesia Theodorus Indonesia
Flag of United Kingdom MrDS United Kingdom
Flag of Singapore TARfan1303 Singapore
Flag of the United States smiley United States
Flag of the United States TARFanMan United States
Flag of the United States TARguy126 United States
Flag of New Zealand SamualDude New Zealand
Flag of Canada Leafsfan Canada
Flag of the United States dogparent United States

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